What is Grain (GRN)?

Grain (GRN) is the Grain Finance Protocol governance token, it will give holders the right to vote on various parameters in the ecosystem as stakeholders of the platform. Grain (GRN) can be mined from APP.GRAIN.FINANCE, a sub-protocol of GRAIN.FINANCE.

What is gAssets (gXAU...)?

gAssets are the Grain Finance Protocol decentralized digital tokens soft-pegged to the physical/real-life value. Users will be able to generate gAssets by depositing GRN, BNB, CAKE or other accepted collateral assets into Grain Finance Vaults within the Protocol.

How can I get Grain (GRN)?

You can get Grain (GRN) from the sale, scheduled from February 20th, 2021. To participate in the Grain (GRN) pre-sale, send BNB or ETH from any address that supports ERC-20 tokens to the following ethereum address: 0x7f972baca10c911273E9528916988A78e3A139ea

How can I get more Grain (GRN) from liquidity mining?

Grain (GRN) will be minted through an algorithmic process at the Grain sub-protocol: APP.GRAIN.FINANCE through liquidity mining. Users who have bought Grain (GRN) from pre-sale can participate in the liquidity mining of Grain (GRN) by staking BNB-GRN Liquidity Provider tokens from PancakeSwap. Grain (GRN) mined and LP Tokens staked can be withdrawn from the DApp anytime.